We design websites for you & your audience. 

websites that are easy to navigate

Free hosting, really?

Why should a website be easy?

Some websites are painful to navigate and some are designed to be crystal clear. We want your business to shine through and your message to be communicated in the quickest fashion. People don't have a lot of time to be fumbling around your website, trying to find your contact info, hours of operation, products or services. We'll minimize the clicks and maximize the conversions, that is, a lead generated, product sold, service rendered, form completed, etc. 

What kind of audience do we have here in Columbia, Missouri? Students, and lots of them, but we also have professionals and visitors. Columbia is the pit stop between Kansas City and St. Louis. People will Google for a place to eat or search for a web design company (let's hope they visit us).

Yes, really. We host all our websites on Google's own servers. So not only do you get free hosting, but you get lightning fast load times and top-notch security. Your website will not get hacked. We also do not charge you any regular fees, maintenance fees, upkeep fees. You won't be getting any random bills from us, just let us build your website for a firm-fixed quote. If you want more pages or a redesign later, then you can hire us again. It's called "as-needed" work. 

Just remember, a domain name does cost around $10 a year. We can also provide email service, document management, etc through Google Apps, which has a monthly or annual cost. That's not required for your website though.

What do your websites look like? 

SEO, can you get me to #1?

Who have you made websites for?

I need a website, how do I start?

We'll try out best. Honestly, SEO has hundreds of factors and the competition can be stiff for certain search queries. We employ SEO best practices on all our projects so that your website will rank well. We use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to provide you with the best advantage possible.

We love SEO too, so we are always trying to stay up-to-date on what makes a website rank well. We know you want to get to #1, and we're going to aim there.

We've made websites for: doctors, endocrinologists, allergists, dentists, orthodontists, electricians, HVAC businesses, cleaning businesses, IT businesses, tech start-ups, architects, artists, musicians, lawyers, major companies, non-profits, real estate agencies, financial consultants, government, security consultants, hobbyists, insurance agents, it seems like the list goes on and on.

Basically, we try to understand your business to the best our ability. Then we bring a website to the client's audience that is professional. 

Our process is really straight forward and that's how we like it when it comes to a creative project. Keep it simple. Once you contact us, we will send you a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Once you finish your questionnaire, we will give you a quote. If you accept our price quote for a new website, we will begin work on a design draft, a mockup. It takes about a week. Then we collaborate with you on build auxiliary pages and launch the site for you. We will guide you through the entire process, it doesn't matter if you're not tech-savvy, we will explain things.